There are two ways to save money on tickets in SecondTicket's unique marketplace.

SecondTicket periodicallly issues flash sale codes, valid for a limited time, for up to 20% off the subtotal of any ticket purchase. It is not necessary to have a SecondTicket account to redeem a flash sale code. Flash sale codes are announced on our website, on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and via email to fans with a SecondTicket account who are opted in to receive flash sale announcements.

Fans at least 18 years of age and with a free account are also eligible to win credits that exceed the value of flash sale codes by participating in any free Mega Pool contest. These credits are valid for longer periods of time and are in addition to flash amounts during flash sale periods. Upon creation of a new account, you receive a unique, personal promotional code, to which all credits you win are posted. Fans under 18 years of age may create a free account but are ineligible to accrue credits.

The subtotal amount is your cost before service charges, delivery fees or taxes (if applicable). 


Basic credits replace Signup credits until your total balance exceeds the amount of your Signup credit. For example, if you receive a $5 Signup credit, your total balance remains $5 until you have won at least $6 in Basic credits or the Signup credit expires.

Examples of Signup and Basic credit redemption: A $10 credit balance requires a $50 subtotal minimum. Partial redemptions are permitted; for example, $8 of a $10 balance could be applied toward a $40 subtotal. A hypothetical Flash credit of 30% added to a $10 balance makes the new balance $13, with no change to the $50 subtotal minimum.

Example of Mega credit redemption: $100 in Mega credits may be applied toward a $125 subtotal. If the subtotal is $75, $75 may be applied and $25 remains on your account. Flash credits are not added to Mega credits.


For additional information or if you have questions about these terms and conditions, please contact us.