Selling Your Tickets
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Selling your tickets on our marketplace provides many advantages over do-it-yourself websites:
  • No need to create an account or manually create ticket listings
  • No listing fees
  • Full service pricing consultation
  • We handle all sales fulfillment, such as customer communication, invoicing, and shipping/delivery
  • Secure and quick payment (sent within 3 business days)
  • Sell to other SecondTicket fans

First, we'll provide you with the current estimated resale value of your tickets (subject to the event, seat location, quantity and delivery considerations).  Then you decide whether you wish to sell them outright or have us sell them on consignment.

To buy them outright, SecondTicket typically pays an industry average of 50-75% of their current resale value.  The advantages to selling outright are immediate payment and transfer of risk.

On consignment, you retain the financial risk but receive the full sale price less a 20% consignment fee when they sell. (We pay any marketplace fees from our portion.) By selling on consignment, you may receive a higher (or lower) payment but do not get paid until they sell or, in some cases, until after the event.

Delivery of tickets to SecondTicket is the seller's responsibility.  We can provide a Fedex label and deduct the cost from your net payment if desired.  If your tickets were delivered electronically or are e-tickets printed on paper, a credit card guarantee that the tickets are valid and have not been duplicated is also required.

Either way, selling through SecondTicket saves you time and protects you from typical resale hassles.  We handle all customer communication, invoicing, shipping and delivery, and provide full service pricing consultation to consignment sellers.

And finally, you know your tickets are going to a SecondTicket fan who you may have competed with (or against) in a contest and who shares similar interests as you!

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